Brewing the American Dream

In 2008, the brand Samuel Adams (SA) launched a program called “Brewing the American Dream”. This platform provides a small beverage business owner the opportunity they need to achieve their dreams. By offering financial assistance and mentoring, the businesses can use the loaned money to grow and create jobs.
I am pleased that CEO Jim Koch wants to invent new ways to make a difference. He wants to help out the “little guys” who want to pursue a similar passion, like Jim once did. If a small business owner is unsuccessful in obtaining a bank loan, then SA will provide them with loans ranging from $500-$25,000.
This program shows a strong commitment to helping the community by supporting business owners. Samuel Adams is fostering a community of entrepreneurs and that experience is something very special and unique. This brand receives an A+ from me on implementing a successful community relations campaign.

Will you now be influenced to support small businesses by purchasing a Sam Adams?

-Melissa Sciortino

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3 Responses to Brewing the American Dream

  1. student says:

    Melissa – you are my anchor. I can always rely on you to write about my favorite beverage!

    Great company, great beer, named after a great patriot. It makes sense that they would support the entrepreneurial spirit!

    • student says:

      I agree with both comments! Sam Adams does a GREAT job. We are very honored to distribute them locally. -Melissa

  2. Rachel says:

    This is a great “storytelling” tool that any brand could use. It’s very heartening that a CEO wants to help the little guy and I’m sure there will be a number of small business success stories that come out of this that the brand can use as a win-win.