B2C Reaps Benefits of Social

In New York, at the Association for National Advertiser’s (ANA) Digital and Social Media conference that took place this week, Adrian Parker, director of social media and digital strategy at RadioShack was a speaker talking about the case study for their social media programs.

Several large name companies are pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction they are receiving from their customers through social media outlets. Companies are seeing an increase in brand awareness and perception, but more importantly, they are seeing an increase in sales. Does this change the way that companies will reach out to their customers? Will this have an impact on how companies have traditionally advertised? Is social media the new tv commercial?

It is an interesting way to think about how one would promote their business. Social media outlets let you get information out there, but you never really know what that means for business until you have data like this……….an increase in sales!

I believe the key to this success is customer engagement. Asking for customer’s opinions, having give-aways for customers, asking them for pictures and videos, this is the key to increasing your business. People like to feel a part of stuff, when you are asked what you think, to post pictures, to win prizes, you are a part of it.

It will be interesting to see the wave of the future. Will social media replace traditional means of advertising?



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