Are those real?

So, by now I feel like many companies have discovered that SEO and organic search are fantastic things to have going for them. That’s evident. However, how far are some companies willing to go in order to make their product or service seem like it gets rave reviews?

They’re willing to pay for them, of course!

According to The New York Times, many companies have enlisted freelance writers to aid in their integrated marketing by posting rave reviews to sites such as google and yelp. It apparently has been used so often that writers have begun posting on craigslist to advertise their willingness to write the perfect review.

I can definitely see why some companies would be willing to pay for reviews because, for many people, when they are looking for a new place to dine out or whatnot, they ask around. Since sometimes no one they know personally has used the product or service before, they go online to check out what people have to say about them. Positive reviews online are the new word of mouth marketing, except now…companies may be able to control it a bit more.

So, what do you think? Is that ethical? It’s possible that the paid reviewer truly feels like the company is great, but the opposite could very well be a possibility.

If you want to see what a fake review looks like, check out this link. They’ve basically got faking down to a science.


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