A Wednesday Love Affair…

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Yesterday I made a purchase (yes, it was shoes) from one of my favorite companies – Zappos.  I was able to receive free ground shipping and the pair of shoes were 30% off…. could my online buying experience be any better? 

Zappos thought so.  Fifteen minutes after submitting my order, I received an e-mail from my new friends upgrading my free ground shipping to free overnight shipping as a “thank you” for my purchase!  Those new shoes will be on my feet by 1pm today! 

While this is not my first happy customer experience at Zappos, it does remind me why I love them so.  Being in a position of customer service myself, I am always appreciative and amazed at how well Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh has developed the service sector of his business.    

Hsieh empowers his employees through encouragement and accountability.  He focuses on the culture of his company and emphasizes how much the happiness of his employees is directly related to the success of the business.  Afterall, happy employees lead to happier customers.  Last year, Zappos generated over $1 billion dollars in product sales, and they don’t even have a store front (looks like I’m not the only one who’s in love)!

After reading his book, Delivering Happiness, I actually walked away feeling happier and felt it could’ve been called Inspiring Happiness.   Zappos talks the talk and more importantly walks the walk.  My experience yesterday put into practice what the book described in detail.  I recommend it to those in looking for some motivation, encouragement or an “Ah-Ha” moment about how to influence happiness or become a happier person yourself!     


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One Response to A Wednesday Love Affair…

  1. Wow, talk about a great story.

    When I tell people about Zappos, they ask me… how do they do it? Just making employees happy can’t really drive revenue can it?

    This example is a powerful reminder of not offering the deal to just new customers… a mistake I see companies’ make all the time. Why not offer something to your existing good customers. This is fundamental to the thinking and actions of zappos.

    Another example is that Zappos has every employee go through customer service training and EVERY new employee must work in customer service for at least a few days. I remember reading a blog post from a new high level financial person who wrote about their experience on the phones. It was wonderful to hear how this person, who up until now had felt fairly detached from customers in his previous positions, now felt VERY connected to each customer and to their satisfaction.

    A small detail in a person’s training but speaks volumes about the zappos culture.
    thanks for bringing this wonderful company story to life for us. Deborah